By | March 11, 2021

For a motorcycle owner, buying saddlebags is an investment, and you don’t want to buy something that is not up to the mark. We have seen people buying motorcycle saddlebags because they need space for storing things.

If you have a four-wheeler, you have enough space, but considering the given circumstances where having a car is like raising a white elephant, more and more people are using motorcycles and bikes for a daily commute. With the help of a motorcycle, you can reach your desired destination quickly, and you will be saving money because it gives you better mileage.

We have seen rich men switching to motorcycles and ditching their expensive luxury cars because they want to stick with something that is economical and relatively eco-friendly. Now, we know that even a motorcycle is not eco-friendly but compared to a car, where you are the only one commuting, it is as good as it gets.

If we focus on the ways to make your motorcycle ride stylish, we can tell you to wear good sunglasses, put on a motorcycle jacket, and wear a helmet. However, there is more to a motorcycle than just style; you also need to take care of your comfort level.

One reservation that we keep hearing about the motorcycle is the ease of carrying well. Most people complain that there is no place on a motorcycle where they can store their things, and if they want to carry things around, they get destroyed pretty easily.

That’s exactly where a pair of good motorcycle saddlebags come in. if we consider buying saddlebags, one thing that readily comes to mind is the leather life because we all know that leather is quite fragile, and you cannot keep buying saddlebags because this can be quite an experience.

If you have saddlebags lying around or want to change the saddlebags, try being eco-friendly, and you will be surprised by the possibilities. There are so many things that can help you bring back your old saddlebags to life.

A simple five-step cleaning method that is used by almost everyone and recommended by leather experts has been listed down.

This is especially for the beginner who does not want to spend too much money, and they already have something lying around in their house.

Dry Dusting

Dry dusting is the first and foremost important part of leather cleaning. The leather texture is very soft and fragile, and it has small pores that help leather to breathe. Sometimes when the mud gets stuck on the surface, and we start rubbing it with a wet towel, it literally destroys the upper layer because the dust gets wet, and it gets stuck in the pores. To avoid this issue, you need just a dry towel and clean the surface completely; this will help you make sure the pores are clean, and you can go to the next step.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning, similar to dry dusting, is a way to prepare your leather for deep cleaning. We want to make sure that if there is any dust on the surface, it gets removed easily. So, you just need to make your towel wet and rub it on the surface of the leather. This will help you remove even the slightest dust on the surface, and you will see better results. Most people stop at this, but if you have old leather saddlebags, you need to do something more than this.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the next step where you need to use a cleaning solution and soak your leather bag. We have seen people using an industrial leather cleaner, but they are very harsh, and you will see that your leather will lose its shine. If you want to make sure your leather is cleaned properly, try using vinegar with water and soak your leather in that solution. Once you have it all cleaned, move to the next step that is the deep drying method.


We all know that most people think about drying as regular drying where they can simply hand the bag out in the open. However, with leather saddlebags, you need to be very careful. We want you to be cautious because while drying in direct sunlight, your leather bag might shrink, and the moisture that is essential to keep the leather bag flexible might also evaporate, so try to hang it in the shade where it can take its time to get dry.


Just like cleaning solutions, we do not recommend the use of thick industrial leather polisher. Instead, we recommended you make your polishing solution as well. Try mixing half and half of thin olive oil and lemon juice, and you will have your leather polisher. Now soak a towel or any soft T-shirt and apply it on the surface, and you will see that leather will soak it all up.

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