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Fitness or healthy industry is endorsed as something that is filled with weight loss regimes, mass gaining workouts, and ways to tone your body. Nowhere you will find something as healthy as to accept your current body structure or polish the structure to get it better.

We have seen people offering testimonials that they have become thin or lost a tremendous amount of weight by using a weight loss product or a simple they have gained weight. However, there is no proof as to how everyone sees progress.

A very important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that everyone has a different body structure; some people have a good metabolism, so they keep losing weight, others have a relatively weaker metabolism, and they keep gaining weight. So, there is no exact formula that can be applied for getting desired results.

Additionally, you cannot claim that you have seen progress unless you have actually measured it. We have seen people claiming that they have gained or lost weight by just looking at their clothes, but there is no concrete way of seeing that they have actually lost weight or not.

The Benefits of Tracking Progress

Most people discourage the idea of tracking progress because they tell you that you will lose motivation if you notice no significant difference.

This is quite true, considering that there are so many people who keep tracking their weight loss or weight gain journey, and when they do not notice any difference, they quit.

To address this issue, we recommend that you must track the progress because this is the only way you will be able to see if a workout routine is good for you.

However, if you feel you have not seen any significant change, you always have the option of altering the exercises and tweaking the already used workout modes.

For the beginners who are trying to figure out ways to track down the progress, we have listed down a few of the conventional ways as well as some of the scientific methods that are used by many.

Journal Keeping

Journal keeping is a very conventional and old method of tracking down progress. We have seen people mentioning the time of workout, the type of workout, along with their daily measurements. This is a very lengthy process because no one can continuously measure themselves. Additionally, you cannot measure the daily calorie burnout rate, which can be quite challenging.

Taking Pictures

We have seen people providing testimonies with the help of before-after pictures, and we cannot deny that it is a very helpful method of feeling motivating and noticing that your handwork has indeed paid off. However, a significant disadvantage of this is the fact that you can only measure it after a month, so you need to wait for a month to check your progress.

Moreover, there is no way of tracking down the calorie burn out rate in some ways, no way of tracking down the actual weight loss. This is a very controversial method, and most experts do not encourage it.

Monitor Your Cloths

We know this is one of the most widely known methods and people love to show how their clothes from a certain age still fit them. So, far if you don’t want to invest money or you forget to track your progress completely, this is a great method.

You can simply wear your clothes and see how they fit you at the start of your workout routine and then wear them after a few months. One of the significant disadvantages of this method is that you can only monitor your progress after at least a month.

Additionally, we have seen fabric shrinking over the years or after wash, whereas other fabric types lose after wash, so there is no concrete way of ensuring that it is actually working.

With the end of these traditional methods that are usually used by many, we have also listed down a few that are pretty advanced, and they are suggested by many professionals. These run as thus:

The Build of Stamina

The build of stamina is another important way you can track down your progress and figure out that the workout is actually working. At the start of the workout, you might have noticed that you are getting tired very easily.

Most people get tired in just a few minutes; others seem to struggle in half an hour.

However, as you will keep on practicing, you will see that you will be able to work for hours without breaking a sweat or without feeling tired.

This gives you motivation, and if you are really good at it, you will be able to improve your workout time as well. We have seen this happening among the people who work out on a daily basis.

However, there is no significant way of getting down to the actual statistics. You can see that you are getting better, but you cannot see how much better you have got over the years.

Reaching Short Term Goal

This is a very good method of staying motivated and keeping track of the workout progress. You can set a short-term goal which can be just a few pounds of weight loss or reaching a specific measurement for your body. Then you have to measure yourself up and see how much time it took you to reach your desired measurement.

We have seen that happening quite a lot that people who measure themselves find it hard to keep themselves motivated, so this is a great way, and it is suggested and encouraged by the professionals as well.

Tracking Devices

If you really want to invest in your workout progress, you can simply switch to all digital. This means you should get some device that can help you track down everything right by the second. You might have seen people wearing fitness bands and health watches.

These watches are incredible, you can simply wear them on your walk or during your workout, and you will see the comparison right away. If you wear these watches to jogging, you will be able to trace down every step, and the calorie burn-out rate as well.

These watches have been designed to help you track down your steps, body weight, body temperature as well as heart rate. With so many advantages, there is a serious setback that usually these health bands are quite expensive, so if you don’t want to invest in the tracking devices, this might not be an ideal option for you.

Using a Scale

Using a scale is the oldest known method of tracking down the workout progress. We have seen people keeping weighing scales in their vanity, or some even keep the scale in their bathroom.

All you have to do is weigh yourself, and you will be able to see if your weight loss regime is actually working out. Most people keep a journal along with the weighing scale methods; others just rely on simple bookkeeping on their phones or in their minds.

One of the major setbacks is that if you have worked really well, you might be burning the calories and the fat, but there reaches a limit where you are converting all the extra fats into the muscle. If you have reached that limit, your weighing scale will stop showing you the progress.

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