By | March 13, 2021

We can all agree that boxing is all about throwing powerful punches. The rhythm of your punch can tell how well you have practiced.

Most beginners think that there is just one kind of punch, and so they keep practicing the same thing over and over. However, there are so many different styles of punches, and if you want a competitive edge, you need to make a combination and practice more for speed.

Straight punches might seem quite easy, but they usually don’t have an advantage; this is the reason you will see most boxers practicing jabs and hooks to make their punching combination strong.

We have heard that beginners start with basics, but as they learn to throw punches, they mostly rely on jabs.

To help the beginners understand the power of jabs and how they can actually throw a good jab, we have listed everything that you need to know about throwing a jab, its pros, cons, and some of its types.

Throwing a straight Jab, Its Pros, and Cons

Throwing a jab is pretty simple; you need to keep few things in mind; there is specific footwork, body angle, and fist movement that you require. You are going to stay still without moving your feet, body, and head. Then you need to throw a punch that has to be straight without any twist towards the opponent. Now bring your fist back to the initial position and stay back like you were standing just a few seconds ago. This is quite simple, and you don’t have to hit someone on the face from below of side; this is still one of the most effective ways of throwing a punch, and most people use it for formulating a combination.

The best thing about throwing a good jab is the fact that there is not much movement involved; you can simply retain your position and throw a punch. Additionally, you are not compromising your defense or moving too much, which also helps you retain your energy.

Additionally, a jab has a better speed along with better speed and accuracy, so you know where you are hitting an opponent. The disadvantage of throwing a jab is the fact that it doesn’t have much power, and you can hardly use it to knock out someone. If you are thinking of using a jab, you need to use it with a combination of some powerful punch, i.e., cross or a hook.

Power Jab

Power jab is one of the most effective jabs and if you want to shock the opponent, you can use this. To throw a power jab, you need to move your front foot and slide the back foot just to bring your body closer to the opponent when you throw the jab. Since you are moving your whole body, it is easier for you to speed up everything and make a good combination of 1 and 2. You need to power your right cross after throwing a jab, and this makes it more effective. Most people recommend the use of a power jab, but you will eventually figure out that your opponent can easily predict the jab and defend against it.

Pivot Jab

If you are into boxing movies, you must have seen pivot jab a lot. It is a great way to throw a powerful jab, and you will see that you are taking your boxing ability to a whole new level.

Additionally, it helps you give an angle with your punches; this helps you give an element of surprise, and as a result, your opponent finds it hard to defend himself. In order to throw a pivot jab, you just have to twist your fist clockwise and punch.

While punching, make sure your front is just the same as your hand of punch, whereas your back foot should be swinging from its initial position. If you want a real-life example, you can see the southpaw boxers and the way they use their punch when they turn clockwise while throwing a punch.

Although it is a very important kind of punching technique you might feel that your balance is a bit compromised in this situation, and it is pretty hard to follow up with a cross.

Back-step Jab

As the name indicates, this jab is linked to the use of the back foot. You need to throw a punch while you step back, and this is done while you recover your front hand along with your front foot. You will learn to love it because this is an effective tool to restrict the momentum of the opponent and counter someone very quickly without thinking.

If we compare it with other styles, we can say that it is a weak punch, and this may land or might not work so effectively for catering for the aggressive attack.

However, regardless of this, we cannot deny that it is a great way to fight off an opponent’s attack effectively.

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