By | December 28, 2019

RT 3700 

Imagine this you just live your life as always and all is quite normal and then you learn about one thing and understand that you needed it very much all this time. This is the type of gadget that we’re gonna show you today we are all used to the fact that while working with a decent tape you always have to face some inconveniences. People come up with various tricks to make work more comfortable however it turns out that you can avoid any problems by buying the RT 3700. This miracle will cost you approximately 300 dollars it doesn’t do anything special in particular and it’s not incredibly smart it just divides a sticky tape into pieces of the identical size and then gives them to the person. The invention allows you to forget about the torment of finding the place where the tape in the roll ended people greatly speed up and simplify any business no matter where you lead the piece of tape. And also it will save you a lot of nerve cells the length of the pieces, as well as their number, of course, are regulated and it takes only a few seconds to prepare for work now. 

Switch BOTS Curtain 

Here’s another small device that can bring more comfort to life especially if you spend a lot of time at home you like to sleep a lot and watch movies on we’re sure that many of you have faced situations. When the annoying sun shines in the morning writing your eyes and doesn’t let you sleep or the sun’s rays flood the rooms. So that the image on the TV or the computer screen becomes faint and barely visible of course you can just shut the curtains. However, you have to do this procedure most often manually and get out of a warm bed or a comfortable chair. The switch bot curtain will solve these problems all at once installation of the mini gadget takes just a few seconds. Instead of the remote control you can use your own smartphone which is always at your fingertips but that’s not all with the help of the official app. You can program the gadget so that it shuts the curtains at the set time this function can have a positive effect on your sleep cycle voice control makes the switch bot curtain even easier and more convenient to operate. The gadget also has a protection mode the curtains will be shut every time they own that leaves the house hiding the contents of the rooms from intruders.


It’s amazing but today everyone can start using solar panels we’re not talking about huge expensive stations which you install on the roofs of houses. ABFOCE is a small invention worth $54 and everyone can benefit from it because we all use gadgets like tablets and smartphones and add post office to charge them with solar energy. When folded the gadget doesn’t exceed the size of a mobile phone it takes a few seconds to prepare the device for operation. ABFOCE works four to six times faster than competing devices and can be used as a charger both with the wires and without them. 


If you’ve ever had to bring home food in a lunchbox you know that is awfully uncomfortable food often doesn’t fit in the container cutlery is separated and is often forgotten not to mention. The constant risk of dirtying the entire contents of the panic fall deeds is a $59 plus gadget that lets you take a fresh look at lunching out. The compact easy to transport lunchbox in a couple of movements turn into a mat for eating with a lot of advantages cutlery is at hand and there are three additional small containers. You can put sources there protein powder snacks or pills the lunchbox design is modular so that up to four food containers fit inside each for a separate complete meal. The separation walls insider and the additional advantage of a special container for liquids prevent spills. The magnetic clasp opens easily but at the same time prevents the contents of the bag from spilling the included mobile phone stand is a small book pleasant bonus as well.


Throughout the day we constantly face a huge number of wires and cords they are constantly interfering tangling under our feet also they’re uncomfortable and all these wires influence us. Lots of the rooms aesthetics of course in a negative way SPRL is a gadget designed to arrange the wires in the house and not just that this is a small SPRL that fixes the cords in a compact neat position. The rotation of the cover in a matter of seconds unwinds them or vice versa the manufacturer offers two models the SPRL micro and the SPRL macro. The first model is designed for cables up to 1.8 meters long and up to 5 millimeters in diameter it’s ideal for loudspeakers telephones computers and small kitchen appliances. This SPRL macro is designed for wires up to 2.7 meters long and up to 6 millimeters in diameter. It’s an option for TVs lamps cameras and various gadgets such as hair dryers and irons SPRL will bring significant benefits to your home – at the same time, the device simplifies the equipment carrying in the back a set of SPRL micro and SPRL macro.

Dremel Versa 

The next gadget we’ll show you is designed to keep your home with clean Dremel Versa takes cleaning to a new level but at the same time reduces the effort. Typically the most effective way to remove dirt is to wipe the surface. This is how Dremel Versa works the compact device that fits in your hand or is useful for a variety of jobs removable attachments greatly enhance your cleaning options. For example, the Dremel Versa can handle both greases on the grill and wash your bathroom until it shines the gadget will also be useful in the kitchen. You can use it for both washing up and for hard to remove dirt such as burning on the back of a pulse. Dremel Versa will even clean your shoes and one of the attachments can be used for polishing also there are no wires. The Dremel Versa battery lasts for two hours of continuous use and the price is $50.

ECO Soapr

To maintain a high level of Hygiene however this time it’s a question of body hygiene we all use Soapr.       However, this product has some obvious drawbacks the pieces of soapr are slippery and not very comfortable to hold wet soapr left in the soapr dish for a long time turns. Soapr which causes an unpleasant smell liquid soap is a convenient but not too environmentally friendly alternative plastic bottles are not emptied to the ends and once used turn into waste harmful to the planet. ECO SOAPR is a special dispenser for hard soaps the device rasps the bar into small flakes. This is a more efficient format for using soap also these flakes turn into lush foam much faster. The ECO Soapr is equipped with a sensor that reacts to hand movements a person also spreads fewer microbes around by not touching.

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